The IMC Magazine Issue 14/April 2016 - Page 12

“Light Up The Sky” your new album released in February of this year.  There are some great songs  on this album with some very meaningful lyrics. Among my favourites, “Hey Now” “Communicate” ”Animal” and “You Will Wait for Me” (this song has a southern gospel feel about it and the lyrics are very poignant. What inspired the album? 

Thank you very much, like I said I'm really proud of it. We got to work with some amazing people on this Album. Stephen Harris, was the start of it all he made us be true to ourselfs when recording  this album. This album is about. Every day life. Happiness, sadness, frustration, the want for more. The want to relax. I talk out my own experiences and some experiences of my friends  and family. It's all in there.

Your “Light Up The Sky” Tour starts in the UK in April (Playing a show at my hometown Bristol) are you planning to do a similar tour in the USA if so when and where? Also what’s the chances of you touring Australia?(I can always hope)

We are big fans of Bristol, I honestly  can't wait to get back on the road. Especially  having a new album under our belt. Playing all these new songs live is so exciting. We don't have any tours planned for Australia at the moment but you never know. 

What sort of crowd are you live shows attracting? What sort of age group is your music appealing to?

Mainly 18-25 girls which is funny because out fan base was more mixed and probably slightly older on the first album 

Talking about touring, there was a period in your career between 2012 and 2013 that you were non stop touring. How do you handle life on the road? What were the highlights, and what are the pitfalls? 

I remember Dave Dunwell once saying to me mid tour one time in America, this is our life now go on tour home for a week and then back on tour, and for 2 years it was, but it soon calms down. We had some of the best times and some of the the biggest lows by being home sick, we just as a band got each other through the bad days. That's why you have to be like a family on the road.

I am a big fan of acoustic music, are we likely to see a full acoustic album released by you in the near future?

We love making music in all forms. There is a high possibility that this will happen.