The IMC Magazine Issue 14/April 2016 - Page 10

THE DUNWELLS - despite the band consisting of only two Dunwell brothers, Joe and Dave, along with close friends Rob Clayton and Adam Taylor, they very much consider themselves a “Band of Brothers”

This hard working band from Leeds U.K have just released their second album “Light Up The Sky” an album that I added to my collection the day it was released.

Their debut album “Blind Sighted Faith” has been a big favourite in our household, and I have recently purchased their newest album and I can tell you its great!

I was lucky enough to catch up with Joey before the band takes of on their tour to promote the new album!

 Tell me about what role music has played in your life while growing up and how has it influenced you in the choices that you make today?

I have always grown up around music, my dad plays Classical guitar, I remember he would play his guitar to us instead of reading a night time story. We loved it. I think it's really affected me, I feel music helps me concentrate, it calms me down and make me happy and sad. It makes me want to dance and also can relax me.

Most of all from being around music so much it made me want to make music. I wanted to have the ability to create these emotions for other people with my own songs. 

When did you know that you wanted to write and perform music and was there something or someone who helped you make that decision?

David had been playing for about 6 Years before me on the local scene, I went to one of his open mics and sang with him just for a laugh. I was hooked.

Performing in front of people gives you the biggest buzz. It's like a drug. I remember learning a hand full of covers and started writing a few songs with the cords I knew. I really wasn't that good at the guitar but I loved singing so went and played anywhere and everywhere I could.

After a couple of years when I was about 18 I said to my Dad I want to do it as a career, he said ok why don't you give it a go for a year, that was 9 years ago.


We first aired your song Elizabeth on our Twitter Tuesday Live show back in September 2011 and that was when we first became fans of your music. Who or what inspired this particular song and dare I ask who is Elizabeth?

I remember when you played it. That was a big good day. We used to get asked that so much, she is just a fictional person, it's a love song. I love hearing people's interpretation of what they thought that's what the song was about. 

Blind Sighted Faith was your debut album in 2012, then a year later it was retitled,  with some alternate versions and remixes, the album was released in  as Follow the Road. What made you decide to do that? 

We just felt that album had more to say. Now we are on to Light up the sky and I couldn’t be more happy.

Who or what inspires your song writing and who out of the band is the main contributor to the music that you write? 

It's mainly me and Dave that start out the Ideas, then the rest of the band put there flavor in to it. I seams to work for us. I think Bon Iver, Elbow and The Killers were big players for the writing of this Album. 

You have great harmonies, how long did it take you as a band to get the sound that you have now?

Me and Dave have always sang together, Adams got such a good voice and Rob adds something. Because we all sing it just makes sense to utilise that, there are a few less harmonies on our New Album. 

Your music has often been compared to Mumford and Son, (however when I listen to you Crowded House comes to mind), would you agree with that and were they one of your influences? 

I'm a massive Fan of Mumford and Sons, I would say they are an influence, never really got in to crowded house, I really need to give them a real