The IMC Magazine Issue 12/February 2016 - Page 8


In 2009 when Mark Lamdanski and I first started up Butterflies Radio together, we first heard the songs “Love Gone Mad” and “Get Over It”, we were both hooked! The lead singers voice (Chris Cleveland) sent shivers down my spine! I said to Mark that this band was going places. This band is as good if not better than any mainstream band I have heard playing on the radio today.

Their first album “Love Gone Mad" has been on my iPod since I first got it, then in 2011 they released “Here and Now” and I’m proud to say that I have a signed copy of that album . “Like I mean it” is my favourite off that album (I like them all really)

A few years later as our live show “Twitter Tuesday Live” took off I was going to invite the guys from the band to join us as guests however, they seemed to have disappeared from the music scene (but not from my iPod, I will add).

How excited I was when a few months ago, I found out that they had a new single “You are Loved” a definite hit if ever I heard it! They have also just released a new self titled album (guess where that is now, yep on my iPod!).

I decided to contact the band and ask if I could have a verbal interview with them. I was so pleased when the Lead singer Chris Cleveland got back to me and asked me to email him with some questions. I know the band are very busy right now with the promoting of the new album and two major tours however they took some time out to answer my questions, so that you, the readers might get to know them too!

I hope you enjoy the following interview and take the time to check out the music from STARS GO DIM…..remember when they hit it big, you heard about them from the IMC MAGAZINE first!

A big thank you goes out to Chris Cleveland who took time out to talk with IMC MAGAZINE. Please continue over the page.............................................