The IMC Magazine Issue 12/February 2016 - Page 66

Growing up, there are always several musical influences that come into our lives. Even for those who aren’t musicians, the connection someone feels with an artist is strong and undeniable. Some of those names appear more often than others, paving the way for all others who follow, and these last few weeks we have unfortunately lost three.

Anyone in the hard rock community would be hard pressed to say a single bad thing about Lemmy. As the driving force of Motorhead, he was Rock N’ Roll in every way. With songs that are the embodiment of a good time, every word he sung and every note he played just felt right.

He lived for himself and nobody else, he lived life to its fullest, and he made it okay to want to be the same way. He showed me that you don’t have to be anything but yourself to make waves in the world.

The biggest loss for me (and most others) would be David Bowie. Cross genre musical act with a decades long career that was never dull or uninspiring. Unjarred over what anyone thought of him, always pushing the boundaries of what would be the next big thing, and then switching it up as others proceeded to imitate. An aura of sex and art mixed with music that is undeniably timeless helped prove to people of all ages that it’s okay to be obscure and weird. He showed me that nothing you do is ever too out of the box as long as you are passionate about it.

If you were to turn on any rock station in the last 40 years, you would have been affected by Glenn Frey. As a founding member and songwriter of The Eagles, he has penned some of the genre’s biggest hits. Most popular being a song that was started with a riff he wrote one morning on his balcony that would become one of the defining songs of all time, Hotel California.

Creating a style that would define radio for years, he wrote about life, love, and everything that came with it. On a more personal note, The Eagles was the first band that I was able to bond with my father over. In my mind he was their biggest fan, and he loved taking me along for the ride. Glenn Frey showed me that music can transcend age gaps, as long as you create from the heart.

Icons in their respective styles all taken from the world too soon. Who knows what else they could have given us. Although gone, they will continue to inspire forever. These musicians have gifted the world with legacies that are each unique and impressive. The world will continue to learn from them, even if it’s a lot less captivating without them in it.

By DreGGs of Deadstar Assembly

A fitting tribute to three legends from the World of Rock

DreGGS from Deadstar Assembly