The IMC Magazine Issue 12/February 2016 - Page 55


Mauro started his career when he was a kid and now his Dubstep Heart is beating louder than ever, we’re talking about the unique artist: Mauro, a 22 year-old tenor singer, eclectic songwriter, music producer and left-handed musician who has released more than five albums to date. Nowadays the heart fixer is celebrating 14 years of career.

Born in Bolivia, Mauro was already involved in the artistic fields such as painting, drawing, acting and singing by the age of five; subsequently he started creating songs.

At the age of 9 he begins his journey as an autodidact musician and writes his first album. With all the songwriting process flowing he starts performing as a solo singer songwriter driven by his musical journey that according to him first consisted in letting his heart out through compositions.

10 year-old Mauro finishes and releases his debut album: “Just Songs”, with the eclectic variety of sounds that characterizes him motivated by the first impressions of his life experiences; by this time Mauro is hired to perform his music live at International Festivals and Fairs spreading his art around. Among the albums the young multifaceted musician has released, we have his second album titled: “Living With Music” that was released when he was only 12 years-old; the third record: “The Human Pain” at age 13, “Nobody’s Home” and so on. All of the albums and latest releases like “Beauty Of Your Soul” & “Making Love 2 U”, function as one by manifesting the different phases of his creative existence.

Mauro has been established as an international artist by the hand of smash hits he has created like the catchy club banger: “Dance With Me” which has reached #1 spots on the charts, radio stations and talent platforms.

Mauro's music has received radio airplay all around the world: in the United States, the UK, Switzerland, France, Russia, Germany, South Africa, Canada and Mexico among others.

The left-handed composer creates music every single day highlighting the variety of compositions he has written from the start to this day representing the gifted songwriter he has become. His music’s motto is “a beat within someone’s heart”, and that’s exactly what Mauro’s music has been, a rhythm that has touched hearts around the globe transmitting his vision as an independent artist.

Mauro music is eclectic, versatile, raw, heartfelt, and original.

The artist has immersed himself in fusions of genres and styles that go from Pop to Dance with countless albums he has composed throughout his 14 years of career so far. The lyricist’s verses are based on the depths of the human heart; his lyrics describe a hidden reality with a twist combined to the fact he’s also been the creative producer of everything related to his music including visuals, photos, artworks, etc.

In 2016 Mauro celebrates 14 years of a career he started when was a kid, and the celebration is sponsored by the upcoming release of his phenomenal production: “Dubstep Heart”, a mesmerizing anthem for all the strong hearts out there, reviving the spirit of never giving up and shining in the dark, dedicated to all the broken hearts that keep beating.

Mauro’s new record will be available in April of this year through his Soundcloud page: