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living in poverty or need hope and a new direction in life. “I have a heart for children and women, and I know their struggles,” she shares. Her Song of the Year Stronger from Dream of You, is about not giving up or giving in (to suicide, abuse, neglect, peer-pressure, poverty, circumstances, substances, etc.)

DeDe says of Stronger, “I wanted children and teens (and adults), to know that just because something really bad happens to you, or you’re not popular, or you don’t look or act like everyone else, you can and will make it through the difficult times, and become a stronger person because of it. But you have to embrace forgiveness (for others and yourself), and trust in yourself and in God.”

Her new song, “Love Lives On”, also from Dream of You, is an ode to deep love and acceptance that references Corinthians 13, without pushing any religious ideas or themes. The song was written as a tribute to unconditional love and specifically in memory of Larry and DeDe’s stepson Matt, who was tragically taken from them this year. But it also began as a way to promote world peace and unification through loving and accepting others-unconditionally.

DeDe’s also clear about what motivates her career. “I didn’t go into this looking for money or for fame. My sister Missi Pyle, is a well-known comedic actress in Hollywood, and I’ve seen firsthand all the pressure of what that kind of life is like out there, and it’s just not for me.” For DeDe, it’s all about writing songs that bring people hope, comfort peace and acceptance.

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DeDe’s been a repeat FINALIST in many International Songwriting Competitions including: the 2015 IMEA Awards: 2 Song of the Year Nominations & 1 Song of the Year win.

She just was named a Folk Finalist (Top 5 overall), in the July 2015 Song of the Songwriting Contest for her song ‘Prime of Life’, also from Dream of You.

DeDe also won 2nd Place overall in the Dec. 2014 Dallas Songwriting Contest. "The Plans I Have for You", from the same album, was a FINALIST in the UK Songwriting Competition in Aug. 2013. DeDe had 2 major wins from the International Songwriting Contest for 2 of her original songs from Love & Fairy Tales in 2014: "The Fairy Tale Song" was a FINALIST in March 2014, and “Blame it on the Summertime” was also a FINALIST in the ISC in Dec. 2014.

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All of DeDe’s music is available MP3 & hardcopy on CD Baby &,, and all major online music outlets.

DeDe’s on Jango Radio, Pandora Radio: DeDe Wedekind on Pandora & Last FM: DeDe on Last FM.




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