The IMC Magazine Issue 12/February 2016 - Page 36

and the rush of sexual attraction and thrill of romantic love in DeDe’s super-sexy, Latin bossa nova, Recipe of Love. Then it all unravels with her Rolling Stones-esque Sell Me Out about complete betrayal of trust, heartbreak, and being left all alone. And in the end- redemption: finding the strength to get through anything with “Stronger”, and the capacity to know and be able to give true love (Love Lives On, with Andrew Fromm on piano, writer of N-Sync’s Millenium Album).

Through the many challenges and experiences DeDe ‘s faced personally and in her music, she finally feels equipped to accept herself and her circumstances, understand the real meaning of love, and what truly matters in life. Important things like: relationships with family and friends, finding unconditional love (My Unsung Hero), a solid marriage (Today I’ll Marry My Friend), and the realization that she is comfortable with where her life has lead her. She has also discovered how to overcome fears and the renewed ability to believe in yourself and in the one(s) you love.

When I spoke with DeDe she told me the depth of her faith has grown as she has gone through life’s adventures good and bad, and she hopes that the overall positive tone of her songs speaks as much to others as they have helped her: and that they offer hope, joy, peace, love, acceptance and comfort. Her music is written, arranged and selected to communicate (God’s) love to a hurting world, even if you’ve never stepped inside a church. DeDe’s witnessed firsthand how music can bring together people of all ages and cultures, and that music can touch the very heart of the listener. Says DeDe:

“So many people listen to music every day. We hear it everywhere: on TV, on the radio, and with the advancement of technology listeners have the ability to take music with them on their daily journeys. My desire is that my music will help a person through a difficult time by giving them inspiration and motivation. This is what inspires me to keep writing music and performing.”

Despite having several singles climb the Indie charts, the release of three albums, and the upcoming completion of a fourth album in early Feb. 2016 (all with well-known award-winning producers, Grammy winners, and Multi-Platinum producers & songwriting friends at the helm), DeDe’s entire career thus far has been built in an independent and very organic fashion: “I never really sought to control what direction I would go in, it was just God leading me and my music, along with my husband, Larry, one step at a time.”

In addition to her songwriting and current performance career, DeDe’s been pursuing a speaking and music ministry to empower women and teens to overcome their fears, and also support those who are abused, or who are

DayDreams Band

DeDe with husband Larry