The IMC Magazine Issue 12/February 2016 - Page 28

While I’m new to the Indie Music Coalition Magazine, there may be some of you out there who already know me thru my personal blog ( as well as my undying commitment to #indie artists all over the world on social media sites such as Twitter (follow me at @cgnipp).

Those of you who do know me know that my taste in music almost completely runs the musical spectrum. BUT, I do not hide my absolute love for rock n roll.

It frames the foundation for my willingness to help promote #indie artists because my life mimics their art.

I have that rock n roll attitude when it comes to my passion for #indie artists and their craft. Case in point is the band that I bring to you here for my first article in the IMC Magazine.

Allow me to introduce you to Los Angeles, California’s own Love and a .38.

Members Ryan Hudson, vocals; Clark Skelton, drums; Justin Emord, bass and Domo Domaracki, guitar, have brought back rock n roll music the way that I grew up on it. Sure, there’s a whole slew of “modern” rock acts out there on mainstream radio selling tons of records (or digital downloads, as it is today!), but there isn’t a single one of them doing rock n roll like Love and a .38 does rock n roll.

This is the garage band that we all wanted to be in in high school. This is some of the dirtiest rock n roll around today. It’s energetic. It’s gritty. It’s a throwback to the classic rock of the cassette era. It’s a stadium full of lighters saluting the return of a genre that’s been way too dormant for way too long. It’s rock n roll as only Love and a .38 can do it.