The IMC Magazine Issue 12/February 2016 - Page 19

Given that the band is based out of Liverpool, with Pegasiou and Davis both living in the Wirral (a tiny peninsula outside of Liverpool), the question had to be asked about the legendary Beatles and their influence on the music scene there.

“Unfortunately, the Cavern that the Beatles played in was knocked down long ago and replaced with the Cavern we have today,” Pegasiou said. “So, unfortunately we didn’t manage to get the thrill of that. Realistically, Liverpool is similar to playing in a lot of cities.

It’s not really the venues that make Liverpool a great place but the history that came from the legendary Beatles and other bands. Liverpool has a lot of talent although it doesn’t all come in the form of Merseybeat, which is something that I think is beginning to be clear.”

Unlike so many indie artists who work a day job to support their musical ambition, the members of VYNCE are completely devoted to the band which comes through in their polished, professional sound. “None of us have day jobs,” Pegasiou said. “We play music to earn money; whether its functions or acoustic sets in bars. Also, two of us are still at university.”

For Pegasiou, he knew the moment he first practiced with a band that music was his avocation. “Although, it’s not easy in the sense that there’s no direct path or right way to go about it,” he said. “Unfortunately it’s not like an apprenticeship. You simply have to do a load of gigs and write a load of songs and see what happens really.”

Pegasiou, when asked to predict where VYNCE would be in five years, said, “I hope to see us playing some big sold out venues and hitting the major festivals. Hopefully, we’ll meet at least two (members) of One Direction and have enough money to shop at Waitrose.”

The band are on the right path to success with all of their hard work and their relationship with their current management.

“We did a woeful gig in Liverpool where a load of the in house equipment broke and we were devastated,” Pegasiou said. “But a young fellow came up after and said he appreciated the songs and stuff, which was nice. We then carried on communications and the relationship has been blossoming ever since.”

VYNCE hopes to release at least one album and Pegasiou promises fans an official CD in 2017, hopefully attached to an EP. In the meantime, they will keep on writing songs, rehearsing, playing gigs and perhaps open for other bands who are touring. And, if the opportunity arises, they would be onboard with touring the UK, Europe, and the United States.

If you are near Liverpool on February 4th, stop by Studio 2, and listen to VYNCE live.

In the meantime, you can keep in touch with the band, including Pegasiou and Davis along with bandmates Alex Whittaker and Jack Kelsey, via one of these social media outlets:


Kiva Johns Adkins

IMC Journalist and Senior Contributor