The IMC Magazine Issue 12/February 2016 - Page 18

This is a rock and roll story about four lads from Liverpool, England….not THOSE lads. This is the story of VYNCE.

Like that other band from Liverpool, VYNCE got their start when Peter Pegasiou and Tom Davis, who were playing music in another band, attended secondary school with each other. Just as with the other band you are thinking of, VYNCE has continuously developed over the years, morphing into the band they are today.

Together as a band for two and a half years, singer-songwriter/guitarist, Pegasiou said the band didn’t initially have a name of any sort.

“We were just playing music and trying to decide what we wanted to do,” he said. “People left and people joined and now we’re finally doing what we enjoy and making progress as regards.”

So, how did they get their name? “The name of the band was inspired by a friend of mine who would called people ‘vince the victim’ if they were feeling sorry for themselves,” Pegasiou explained. “So I started calling our old guitarist vince the victim or ‘a little vince’ and then that was it really. Nothing special. It’s just a name really; if there’s a band called Elbow then I reckon VYNCE is a pretty damn good name.”

VYNCE has a sound influenced by The Cure, Noel Gallagher, Hall and Oates, and the incomparable David Bowie. “I just wrote some songs and then we jammed them and this is how they sound,” Pegasiou said. “There’s no point trying to manufacture a sound in my opinion.”

After telling the band that their sound reminded me a bit of Duran Duran and Simon LeBon vocals, Pegasiou said, “That’s a new one. But yeah, I suppose that’s kind of true. We liken ourselves to nobody really. It’s very tough to liken yourself to another band. Maybe like a heavier Foals but with poppier melodies and less complicated riffs?”



by Kiva Johns Adkins