The IMC Magazine Issue 12/February 2016 - Page 17

The hospital was on a one way street and only the locals knew that. I heard the lyrics in my head 'see her walking down the street, the new brand of road kill meat . . .she should have seen it coming, death by texting'."

Other songs, such as 'Follow me, Like Me' was taken from a recording off a cell phone and takes a jab at the social media trend. As Brian points out, "Social media, at times, feels to me like a stadium of people standing up and screaming 'look at me'."

Kroll has also produced animated videos for other songs as well, which can be found on YouTube. "I have always felt that, for me, the world didn't need another guitar band standing on stage, wielding their guitars,” he says. “I was always about the song. If I was going to have videos done, they had to be special. I wanted the videos to be an art form of their own."

One of Kroll's other obsessions is what he will "leave behind musically and as a person " when he is gone. He realized some time ago that "some of the musicians and artists that helped save or change his life were dead before I discovered them."

He goes on to say. "At some point, I was driven to think about what I would leave behind to possibly help or positively influence someone else's life. Several years ago, after some college radio promos, I'd give the music out for free to fans around the world. This way, if I didn't tour, the music would go around the world. I put what would have been tour/gig money into recording more music and putting them out. It was more important for me to leave the music behind to share with others and show how I had lived and walked the planet at some point."

Referring to Kroll's songs as Public Service Announcements may be unjustified and just plain wrong but they do get the message across, touching on issues that affect us all, especially in today's hectic, fast paced, digitilized world. As Brian says: "When writing, I believe that if I stay with my subjective experiences, I have a better chance of connecting universally with others on whatever level I am writing."

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