The IMC Magazine Issue 12/February 2016 - Page 11


 Tell me a bit about the background of Stars Go Dim, when and how did you all get together and who came up with the name for the band?

 The band started as a writing project in 2007.

It originally had different members and the name came from one of those individuals.

Over the years it became successful in both secular and Christian markets.

In 2011 the original band disbanded and I began to form the version of the group that you see today consisting of myself, Kyle Williams on guitar and vocals, Josh Roach on drums, and Michael Cleveland, my brother, on keys/auxiliary instrumentation and vocals. 

Are you all originally from Tulsa Oklahoma?



 Stars Go Dim are a Christian Rock Band, and its one of those genres that is really hard to define. How does your faith feature into your music?

 I think for us we simply write about experiences. Our lives are wrapped up in the record from the first song, which is a remake of the old hymn the Doxology that we all grew up on but gave a fresh live, to the end with Here, the song about Chase.

Everything in between touches on other aspects from faith to love, being married, and having babies. It's all there.