The IMC Magazine Issue 12/February 2016 - Page 10

On  30th October 2015  you released your 3rd album. This self titled album has 14 tracks. How pleased are you with this album and how does it differ from your previous albums?

I am beyond excited about this record. It was a project many years in the making and signifies a big direction and focus shift both musically and, probably most importantly, in our personal and family lives.

This is record is the first with the new line up of musicians as well as the first blatant album we have written involving our faith.


I believe this project is something fresh and new for our genre and I couldn't be more proud of it. 

 What do you guys hope to achieve with this album that you hadn’t accomplished with your previous albums?

 I don't think there really any comparison to the past with this record. For all purposes this is really a different group compared to those early records.

I hope this record speaks to people just like our records have in the past but I also hope people hear the sincerity and the message at the heart of this record. If people listen to this and understand they have hope and purpose I think we have done our jobs. 


Stars go Dim have recently signed to Fervent Records (Word Entertainment), how did this come about and is this going to make a difference to your journey as a band?

 Long story short... When the original version of SGD disbanded I decided to keep doing music in some fashion.

I've always lead worship at my home church so it was a natural fit to move more into the faith based genre.

Once I decided that was a direction I'd like to pursue we set up meetings with different people in Nashville and really hit it off with the team at Word. They really are the best in the industry at what they do!  That began a nearly 3 year long relationship that culminated in this new record. Without Word I probably would have been content at home but seeing their vision and belief in me and our music was inspiring so I put together the new group and here we are!


“You Are Loved”, brilliant song and in my opinion and is worthy of world wide radio play, it is the best song I have heard from Stars Go Dim. What is the meaning behind this song and why did you chose this particular song to be the first single off the new album?


Thank you so much!  You know, this song seems like such a simple message but in fact it's so difficult to know and believe for so many people. We live in a culture that tells us how we should do everything... Talk, dress, act, vote, feel, love, etc... We are constantly held to impossible standards and told we don't measure up. But I know that God has told me "Before I formed you in the womb, I knew you..." And "you are fearfully and wonderfully made."  I believe we all have purpose.

That is what this song is saying. We want to cut through all the noise this culture is shouting at us and get to the root of all of it. You are here for a purpose and you are deeply loved. 

The song “Here” was written after the passing of Chase Lovelace, a former drummer for Stars Go Dim, who wrote the song and how did losing Chase effect the band?

 Yes. I wrote that song with a friend of mine, Jeff Pardo. It is my favorite song on the record. It's actually the last song and I did that on purpose.

I wanted people to finish our album with the hope that no matter what struggle they're facing that they are not alone.


Chase Lovelace is an inspiration to me. He had more faith than I may ever understand.

I think Chase's passing effected me in a lot of ways. Besides music, Chase gave me a glimpse of what it is to live and love like we are intended to do. That is worth more than any melody you could write, play, or sing.