The Hunter 2018 Volume, Issue January / February

HOW TO VOTE YOUR PROXY Pages 3-5 2018 Winter AFN Pages 6-7 Message from the President It has been a busy time at NANA as the team prepares for the upcoming 2018 Annual Meeting in Buckland, which will be held on March 12, 2018. Leadership will present NANA’s financial and business information for fiscal year 2017 (FY17). The theme of this year’s meeting and annual report is Atausiŋŋuġuta Atautchikun – Together as One, and I think this describes the corporation today. We are aligned – focused on stability today and building for the future, and this has required that all of us at NANA work together. An exciting development is the inaugural webcast of the 2018 Annual Meeting. Using your username and password for the site, you will be able to watch the entire meeting online. Iñupiaq translation will be available throughout the webcast. This is one of our efforts to keep shareholders better informed and increase transparency. Wayne Westlake and Martha Cervantes at the NANAversary celebration on January 31, for her 40 years of service. By early February, you will have received your shareholder packet, which contains your proxy ballot, proxy statement and 2017 History of the Region..........................................8 Board Corner.......................................................9 Shareholder Talent............................................10 Volume 2018, January / February Dear NANA Shareholders, NANA Elders' Settlement Trust............................2 Published by NANA Regional Corporation, Inc. Annual Report. The deadline to vote online, email, by mail or by fax is March 9 at 5 p.m. Alaska Standard Time. Paper proxies will be accepted at the Annual Meeting. If you did not receive a proxy, please contact your local NANA Shareholder Relations Coordinator or call Shareholder Relations at (800) 478-3301. I encourage all shareholders to read the 2017 Annual Report. We are stronger as a company when shareholders are informed and engaged. I also hope that many of you can be in Buckland for the upcoming Annual Meeting, but if you cannot attend, please take advantage of the web cast on the shareholder portal, actions, and behaviors inspired by our Iñupiat Ilitqusiat values. Efforts this year have been focused on this vision, and on positioning NANA to be able to deliver this value for generations to come. In January we celebrated that unity by honoring staff members who have been with NANA for many years. Akuliaq Martha Cervantes, sr. director of shareholder relations, has worked for our shareholders for more than 40 years, and like many others, she is tireless in her work to fulfill NANA’s mission. It is through people like Martha that our work to be better connected to you – the shareholders – is possible. Today, we are moving together in strength and unity, like the traditional NANA hunter, towards a successful future – Together as One. We recently wrapped up the last of our Shareholder Informal Meetings, which had to be rescheduled due to weather, and I would like to thank everyone who attended. I appreciate your comments and questions, and am glad that shareholders continue to reach out to me. I look forward to seeing you at the 2018` Annual Meeting in Buckland on March 12. NANA's mission is to improve the quality of life for NANA shareholders by maximizing economic growth, protecting and enhancing our lands, and promoting healthy communities with decisions, —Wayne Westlake 2018 Annual Meeting Board Seat Nominees M ark your calendars for the 2018 Annual Meeting of NANA shareholders in Buckland, Alaska, on March 12, at the Buckland School. In addition to the corporate business that will be conducted, shareholders will have a chance to visit with family and friends; win door prizes; and enjoy food, games and entertainment. At the meeting, shareholders will elect eight (8) members for three-year terms to NANA’s 23-member board of directors. All shareholders of record as SEAT of January 12, 2018, will be eligible to vote, either in person or by proxy. NANA will draw $18,500 in cash prizes for shareholders who register in person at this year’s Annual Meeting, and an additional $18,500 in cash prizes for shareholders who turn in a valid proxy by March 9, 2018. We look forward to seeing you in Buckland! Below is a list of the village nominees along with the current board members seeking re-election. CURRENT MEMBER SEEKING RE-ELECTION NOMINEES AT-LARGE SARAH SCANLAN MILTON CROSS CHARLIE CURTIS QUENTIN HORNER THEODORE MALA JR. JACQUALINE SCHAEFFER KIANA MARVIN BARR BRAD REICH KIVALINA MARY F. SAGE KIMBERLY SWAN KOBUK JOHNETTA HORNER HENRY HORNER SR. BRIANNA KIRK NORMAN F. MONROE NOATAK NOORVIK HENDY BALLOT SR. JOSHUA MELTON SELAWIK ALLEN TICKET SR. LENORA FOXGLOVE SHUNGNAK AMANDA JOHNSON JAMES COMMACK JR.