The Hub October 2015 - Page 5

Eva Antonel has been a resident of Essex County for the past 44 years. She has gone to school, married, raised a family, met lifelong friends and made a living by working with books and magazines in this, her chosen city. When she is not working with words, she is either reading or writing them for pleasure. Angelica is a marketing writer by day and stage manager by night. She loves giraffes, chips and dip, and correcting the grammar of strangers. Angelica is addicted to all things social media and plasters her Twitter feed with photos of her dogs Frankie and Ripley and Samwise the cat. Alex Antonel is a LaSalle native living in Toronto. By day she vegetates in a cubicle, proofreading romance novels. By night she weaves through crowds at rock shows, samples craft beers and marks up erroneous ads on the subway with her blue Sharpie. Rolling out an issue of The Hub takes an entire team writers, photographers, editors and artists. Here’s the team that came together for the October 2015 issue - we're glad we got to connect with them and hope their stories and photos connect with you. Caleb Workman is driven to find the side of stories that will make people think about the issues and about life itself. He strives for literary uniqueness and insightful angles. Ruthmary Weiler grew up as a county kid who enjoyed fort building and games of make-believe. She believes there is power in telling stories and attempts to do so through the written word and photography. Shelley Divnich Haggert reads, writes and teaches in Windsor, and has been part of the local & national magazine industry for 16 years. She has three daughters, and is “Grandma” to a hedgehog , a parakeet and a min pin/poodle cross. She lives with her husband, and Thor, a dog who’s afraid of thunder. Ashley Ann Mentley is a writer, artist and adventure addict. She has studied creative writing, drama, and journalism and traveled as far as Alaska and Australia. She could live off of black coffee and vanilla parfait and enjoys jumping out of airplanes. Michael Haggert is one of those guys who literally puts the food on the table for his wife. While he waits for the city to realize backyard chickens are a good idea, he’s making his own pasta, putting up jam from the backyard berries or canning sauce from his homegrown tomatoes. Jon Martin is a journalist, photographer, videographer and student at St. Clair College's MediaPlex. He regularly contributes to The Comic Book Syndicate, a local TV show and The River Town Times, in his home town of Amherstburg. October 2015 - The HUB 5