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CONNECTING There are plenty of reasons to love fall. Sweater weather. Sleeping with the windows open. Red and gold leaves, and rust-coloured mums. Pumpkin spice scones from Starbucks. Leftover Halloween candy. And of course, it’s election season. Usually, I’m a bit of a political junkie. I follow the issues. I enjoy spirited debates and discussions with my nearest and dearest. I consider new ideas. And I always, always, vote and encourage others to do the same. But quite honestly, as I sit here on October 1st, I have no idea who I’m going to cast my ballot for in 18 days. Maybe it’s that the election period has gone on so long. Perhaps it’s that, with each passing election, technology makes it almost impossible to escape, even for a minute, the hue and cry of everyone who ever had a political thought. What I do know is that I’m feeling a little tired. I’m tired of hearing people argue the issues - not debate, argue. I’m tired of candidates who are resigning because their social media history came back to bite them (what were they thinking?) I’m tired of well-meaning friends and family flooding my Facebook feed with obnoxious memes and angry tirades about this party or that. I’m tired of hearing about candidates’ hair. Rest assured, I will make up my mind, and I will vote. The decision about who’ll run the country for the next few years is an important one, and the privilege of being part of that decision is one I cherish. I’d just like 10 minutes away from all the noise every now and then. If you’re looking for a few minutes away from the noise, this issue of The Hub offers just that - a chance to focus on some of the people and things that make our own community a better place. The service clubs, the entrepreneurs, the spooky history we embrace at this time of year. All the wonderful events and happenings that October brings to our area. So kick back with The Hub, visit a haunted house or enjoy some time out with a craft beer in hand. It’s a great way to relax on a crisp fall afternoon or evening. And on October 19, go vote. It may be a noisy month, but #VotingMatters too. October usually means a lot of things at our house. There's the putting away of summer clothes and dusting off last year's cold weather gear. There's baking with apples, pumpkin and pears. There's the aroma of simmering stew and hearty vegetable soups. There's cleaning up the yard, winterizing the garden, shopping for Halloween treats, taking down of the summer wreath from the front door and putting the mums and pumpkins on the front porch steps. If any of it will get done this year, it won't be ‘til after October the 19th. As much as I've tried to carry on, despite the federal election trying to snatch every bit of my attention, it hasn't been easy. There are election signs on every other lawn. There are televised candidates debates rehashed daily on various television channels and online feeds .And then there is the commentary and analysis to contend with, whether from electronic sources or interested family and friends. Actually, I think I may have dreamt that Justin Trudeau stopped by the local grocery store to bag my groceries and give me hair care tips in the process. Don't get me wrong. I care about the well-being of this country and about who'll be at the helm for the next several years, but how's one to manage stew and mulch when one has barely any head space left after contemplating who to cast the ballot for and where? Is it me or are we totally besieged lately with all manner of all things political? If it's not the Canadian contingent clamouring for my attention, it's the neighbours to the south. It's enough to make you want to pack your bags and move to a deserted island. But, after watching in horror as hundreds of thousands of people risk losing their lives for the privilege to live in a country where worrying about gardens and door wreaths takes up the majority of our time in October, I think I'll stop complaining and put off making the stew ‘til I can erase the sight of tiny bodies washing up on shores and Canadians have spoken. Eva Shelley Managing Editors Please direct advertising or subscription inquiries to Eva Antonel Shelley Divnich Haggert Contributors Alex Antonel, Angelica Haggert, Michael Haggert, Jon Martin, Ashley Ann Mentley, Caleb Workman Windsor Essex County Health Unit Connect With Us! @TheHubWE 4 The HUB - October 2015 Copyright 2015 The Write Side Up Inc. & Audacity Design Group Inc. No portion of this publication may be reproduced in any way without the written permission of the