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Our area has active chapters of the Lions Club, several Optimist Clubs, Kinsmen, Kiwanis and others belonging. “A lot of people that join are from military backgrounds and it’s a way for them to connect with others who have also served…a lot of their family members and just members from the community may join in general to show their support to those who have been in the service,” Thompson said. He said there has definitely been a big increase within the past year of members under 30. While the Legion branch is looking for ways to continue fundraising and stay afloat in order to maintain the services they offer to the community, Drake said The Rotary Club 1918 will be looking towards creating a legacy project to celebrate their upcoming centennial. “I see that the club will involve a lot of young people who are looking to network and increase business but at the same time have a real sense that they want to serve and give back to the community and to the world.” Of course, Rotary and the Legion aren’t the only clubs serving Windsor-Essex; our area has active chapters of the Lions Club, several Optimist Clubs, Kinsmen, Kiwanis and others. Younger Gifts And Clothing generations may not always be aware that the names and acknowledgment plaques at many From Around the World local playgrounds, buildings and events represent With A Fair Trade Perspective the efforts of dedicated volunteers, past and present, coming together to strengthen our Tapestries Masks Jewellery Incense community. Service clubs and auxillaries helped Spiritual Accessories such as build much of what we enjoy today; continued Singing Bowls Tingshas participation and new involvement will ensure the Hand-carved Buddhas Smudging Supplies tomorrows of Windsor-Essex are just as vibrant 405 Pelissier St. Windsor and connected. He said they still support veterans coming home from the Middle East and there are a lot of younger veterans coming home. The number of young veterans, however, does not compare with the numbers they used to have. The Legion hosts many events for seniors as well as fundraising events like the well-known Poppy Campaign each fall. They recently celebrated Legion Week with various events throughout Windsor. Branch 255 held a memorial service at the Windsor Memorial Gardens which brought in an audience of only four people. Speakers and branch members reminisced about the past when the cemetery would fill with people and it was difficult to find parking. While the Legion has gained some younger members, 27-year-old Cody Thompson is still a minority. He thinks most people join for a sense of 519-254-6865 Find out more about service clubs in our area! Rotary 1918 Royal Canadian Legion Kin Clubs Kiwanis