The Hub June 2017 - Page 9

Christina Woods A favourite sunshine pastime for the residents of Windsor-Essex is attending art shows, visiting galleries, and meeting artists. Windsor resident Greg de Hetre wears many hats – Rotary member, Literary Arts Windsor Board Member, SHO Art, Spirit and Performance principle and his day job – jewellery artist. He’s the proprietor of R. W. Studios. Greg designs and manufactures jewelry in top quality gold and silver and participates in twenty-two juried art shows a year, typically travelling with 600–700 pieces. His booth set-up time alone is three hours. He’s developed a following with customers who come to the same show every year to admire his latest creations. But as with any new business, there were a few bumps in the road in the beginning. “Well, there was the time I ended up at the wrong show,” he says. “I sold one pair of earrings all weekend.” Those days are long past for R. W. Studios. Greg’s gorgeous work is available locally at Nancy Johns Gallery. His website is Greg welcomes customers inquiries via email, his Facebook page and is interested in custom orders. Julie Bell is a collage glass artist and is known to many in Windsor as a Rotary member, SHO associate, for organ izing LUV Local, Jury Committee Member for Art in the Park and as the coordinator for Art in the Manor. She uses a decoupage technique and a variety of materials to create one-of-a-kind glass tiles, bowls, trays, wall pieces and jewellery. Her work is represented by nine galleries in Ontario and one in British Columbia. While shows are a thing of the past for her now, Julie enjoys bringing new pieces to the galleries and standing in the space just like a customer. “One of the galleries sends me a story every time they sell one of my pieces,” she says. “They tell me about the customer, why they bought the piece, who they bought if for, etc. As an artist I find hearing that very rewarding and inspiring.” Julie’s beautiful work is also available for purchase at Nancy Johns’ gallery. She’s also on Facebook. If you have ever seen a dapper gentlemen standing next to a bicycle hunched over a sketch book, it was probably Owen Swain. It was a love of cycling and drawing that spawned Tour de Sketch – a monthly group cycling endeavour with stops for sketching the sights and scenes of Windsor. It was so successful that Owen now concentrates full time on just sketching. He carries a series of Windsor prints, three lines of greeting cards, and his first book of sketches (#tourdesketch Windsor) was published last year by Mirror World Publishing. The book is available for purchase at Biblioasis, Juniper Books, Urban Art Market, From The Heart, Story Teller Books and the Clear Water Animal Hospital. Owen participates in LUV Local, Art in the Park and the Downtown Windsor Farmers’ Market. One of Owen’s most popular sketches right now is the Walker Power Building. He sketched it prior to the current makeover. “People tell me they buy the print because of the memory – the building just doesn’t look like that anymore.” Visit Owen’s website after July 1: How do you support local artists? Tweet us @TheHubWE #artmatters June 2017 - The HUB 9