The Hub December 2016/January 2017 - Page 5

Eva Antonel has been a resident of Essex County for the past 44 years . She has gone to school , married , raised a family , met lifelong friends and made a living by working with books and magazines in this , her chosen city . When she is not working with words , she is either reading or writing them for pleasure .
Angelica is a marketing writer by day and stage manager by night . She loves giraffes , chips and dip , and correcting the grammar of strangers . Angelica is addicted to all things social media and plasters her Twitter feed with photos of her dogs Frankie Braxton , and Samwise the cat .
Rabiul Biplob is a journalism graduate from St . Clair College and The Hub ’ s calendar guy ! He loves travelling and would like to travel around the world . He ’ s happy to be working and growing with a great team .
Dawn Gray is a journalism student at St . Clair College . She is a skilled writer and photographer , able to research and write about almost anything . She believes in giving a voice to the voiceless .

Rolling out an issue of The Hub takes an entire team - writers , photographers , editors and artists .

Here ’ s the team that came together for the December 2016 / January 2017 issue - we ' re glad we got to connect with them and hope their stories and photos connect with you .

Shelley Divnich Haggert reads , writes and teaches in Windsor , and has been part of the local & national magazine industry for 16 years . She has three daughters and lives with her husband , and Thor , a dog who ’ s afraid of thunder .
Kati Panasiuk ’ s work has been featured at The Lance , MediaPlex News , CTV and Weather Network . She is also an award-winning photographer and recognized photojournalist .
Lyndi-Colleen Morgan is a small town girl who moved to Windsor to pursue her dreams of a journalistic career . Lyndi-Colleen is a journalism student at St . Clair College and is The Hub ’ s new intern !
Michael Haggert returns this month to Food Matters . He ’ s a food security enthusiast , community booster and all-around witty guy who ’ s glad to share his thoughts on food and eating with Hub readers !