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CONNECTING It just never seems to hit me until we’re putting this issue of The Hub on the page and I type the next year for the first time. 2017. How can it possibly be that another year is almost over? It’s been a busy year in Windsor-Essex and we’ve seen an awful lot of long-term plans come to fruition in 2016. The Farmers Market got moved to Pelissier Street, the old GM plant came tumbling down, and the long-awaited FINA meet starts just days from now. Transit Windsor promises we’ll have modern-day wait time apps available soon. We welcomed almost a thousand Syrian refugees, saw the Big 3 reach new agreements and watched WIFF hit record attendance levels. Tens of thousands of locals and visitors walked, rolled, cycled and skateboarded across town during two Open Streets events. Kylie Masse, Noelle Montcalm and Melissa Bishop represented us at the Olympics. All in all, not a bad year, considering some of the chaos, tragedies and disappointments on the world stage. Here at The Hub, we’re grateful for a fabulous year, and looking forward to the next. We’re planning more great features, interesting ideas and new endeavours. Be sure to watch Facebook and Twitter for news of upcoming podcast. It’s just one more way we’ll strive to do what’s most important to us: bring the people and ideas of Windsor-Essex together. Stay safe and be kind to each other as we move through this holiday season. Happy new year! Shelley Oh October, only a few weeks in the past but we miss you more than words can say. We were all innocent then. We be truly believed, that even though the good guy doesn't always finish first, he would when the choice was so blatantly obvious. But, the good guy didn't win and to make matters worse, we have since realized that what we thought was unimaginable just short while ago will be the norm for the conceivable future. Disillusioned, and at a loss to understand how something like this could have happened, we seek comfort in the knowledge that four years can go by very quickly. In the meantime, we accept our new "normal" and continue to work, go to school, look after our families and even manage to play. Regardless of how shaken our world had been, we find our focus, reestablish our priorities and forge on. If history has taught us anything, it is that facing the future head on with optimism and hope predicts a much better outcome than when approaching it with resignation and fear. As the new year approaches, we bid farewell to a tumultuous 12 months here and around the globe. We do it by deciding to be neighbourly both at home and abroad, to support those in need and accept a helping hand ourselves if the occasion should arise. We welcome the future, regardless what it may hold because we know we'll be doing it together. Wishing you and yours a joyous holiday season and all the best in 2017. Please direct advertising or subscription inquiries to Managing Editors Eva Antonel Shelley Divnich Haggert Rabiul Biplob,, Dawn Gray, Angelica Haggert, Michael Haggert, Lyndi-Colleen Morgan, Kati Panasiuk Windsor Essex County Health Unit Connect With Us! @TheHubWE 4 The HUB -December 2016/January 2017 Eva Copyright 2016 The Write Side Up Inc. & Audacity Design Group Inc. No portion of this publication may be reproduced in any way without the written permission of the publishers. The Hub is published 11 times a year by The Write Side Up Inc. & Audacity Design Group Inc. Articles and advertisements in The Hub do not necessarily reflect the opinions of the magazine. We do not assume responsibility for statements made by advertisers or editorial contributors. The acceptance of advertising does not constitute an endorsement of any product, service or information being advertised. We do not knowingly present any product, idea or statement which is fraudulent or misleading in nature.