The Hub December 2016/January 2017 - Page 32

Looking for a new hobby, or hoping to rediscover an old one? Check out these local offerings: Windsor Model Railroad Club Sun Parlour Radio Flyers Essex County Stamp Club Windsor Camera Club Action Hobbies Kingsville Windsor Cichlid and Catfish Group Soar Hobby Greater Windsor Horticultural Society Groups of WRMC members have also gone on weekend and week-long trips to shows or expositions and conventions as far away as Milwaukee. “What surprised me was the friends I made, I wasn’t expecting to develop the friendships that I have,” says Bechard. As a member for close to ten years, some of Bechard’s best friendships have developed from the club. Foy finds her hobbies balance both her solitary needs and her social needs. “Some of my greatest friendships have developed because of my interest in nature or my trivia night attendance” Foy says. “But I like sitting down alone to a puzzle or a book or to work on editing my photos just as much.” There’s a notable lack of members at WRMC from ages 13-20. But even though teens might set aside their childhood hobbies, they’ll likely come back to them. “Kids get into it when they’re younger, and then lose it as other things take over. As their adult lives settle, they find their way back,” says Bechard. “It will wait for you.” The same rings true for any hobby. You can take it or leave, or put as much money into the hobby as you want. Your hobbies could match, like model trains and electronics, or they could be as diverse as Foy’s interests in underwater photography and thrift-store item collecting. Step out from the safety of the screen, and head outside - find a sport, find a theatre, stop by the WMRC on a Tuesday evening. Try something you’ve never done before, or pick up a hobby you left behind long ago. It’s been waiting for you to come back.