The Hub December 2016/January 2017 - Page 30

If tinkering at home isn’t enough, a hobby club might be the answer Windsor Model Railway Club has been open for close to 15 years, but just recently moved from the basement of Market Square to the second floor, where Theatre Windsor used to call home. The club, on the move upstairs, was able to tear out and repurpose the seating risers, stage and miscellaneous walls to create the platforms for their tracks to run on. “Moving upstairs at the Market Square, where we can leave the door open, we’re getting a lot of walk-by traffic,” says WRMC president David Naismith. Naismith has been a member of the WRMC for a few years, and embraced the hobby because of his family history. “I come from a railroading family. I was always around railroads, but chose to not work on them, so it became a hobby instead,” says Naismith. “For me, it’s nostalgia, because the railroads have changed so much from what they were. I build from a different era - like what I remember.” “We’re recreating Windsor as it stood in the mid-60s,” says WMRC past president, Peter Bechard, showing off his efforts. “Where the steam engine was down by the waterfront, it was all tracks, and we’re recreating that.” Bechard’s on the younger end of the membership, and found that tinkering at home wasn’t enough of a hobby, so he joined the club. “I was always interested in trains, learned some online and from books, but there was so much I didn’t understand on my own,” says Bechard. “I figured the club would be a good way to learn some things, and in the last eight years my modelling knowledge has grown tenfold.” “Everyone, if you talk to them, has a different reason for being here,” says Naismith If it’s not your family background, then where you live might play a factor in choosing a hobby. There’s a huge variety, especially by geographical region, in what is popular. “Locally, remote control off-road cars are the most The Windsor Model Railroad Club has members of all ages. Some of them are recreating a scale model of the 1960’s Windsor riverfrontin their new home at Market Square