The Hub December 2016/January 2017 - Page 17

The most recent quilts were presented at a ceremony at the Essex Branch of the Royal Canadian Legion (Branch 201) in September. Three local veterans were recognized and thanked with a quilted hug from the ladies of QOVC. Quilts were presented to Maidstone’s Joe McLeod, Essex's Ed Caza and Tecumseh's Jeffery Artale. Artale has served five tours: one peacekeeping mission in Haiti and four Afghanistan tours. He was injured during service as a Canadian Special Operations Regiment Operator in Afghanistan and .returned home with five medals, including the Sacrifice Medal of Canada. "It is really nice to feel appreciated," said Artale. "I really want to thank the ladies of Quilt of Valour. It really is an honour that they (quilts) are given out to us wounded vets.” Receiving a quilt is a reminder for these veterans that the people at home love and support them. The vets realize that their sacrifices weren’t wasted. “That makes all of it worth the pain I endured overseas." Pauline Gaudette quilted all three quilts given at the last ceremony in Essex. A QOVC volunteer, her father was a WWII veteran who passed away in 2001. Her father is her inspiration. "I really love meeting the veterans," said Gaudette. "They have amazing stories to tell." Quilt recipients can be nominated by other CAF service members. Each quilt is made to show the appreciation for the soldier \[Z]Y[[YH[]]^[ˈXX]Z[[YX[]\[]Z\[H[[H܈Z\YX\وZ[]YX[XX]^[]YK\H]Z[\HHYHوۛ\ H^H\BHYوYܝ\[][HHYX[KY[H[]\Y^HYK][[H]Y]B[]\Y]\[Y\H\[K[\^ ۝ ]BX[[YX[Y[ۈ [ JHۈ\[X\^HH]Z[و[\]]Y]HYY\[H܈\œ\XH[B[YX[\YYܘ\‚