The Hub December 2016/January 2017 - Page 16

Quilts of Valour Story and photos by Kati Panasiuk Appreciation feels even warmer with a quilted hug of support. In 2006, Lezley Zwaal made and delivered three quilts to wounded soldiers in an Edmonton Hospital. It made such an impression, Quilts of Valour Canada officially became a registered charity in 2009. Since then, quilters have made and presented 7,500 quilts to veterans across Canada. Hoping to reach their 10,000 quilt goal by 2018, local military chaplains and military support groups deliver the quilts to soldiers. Many are still recovering from physical and psychological effects from their service overseas. The ladies of Quilts of Valour Canada in Windsor come together every month to volunteer their time and give quilts to wounded veterans across the country. Janet Bergeron is the Regional Representative for QOVC and has made 13 quilts since she began in late May. "Our goal is to get as many WWII Veterans as we can while they are still with us," Bergeron said. "Then we will focus on the Korean War and Afghanistan, active and retired. Our focus is on any Canadian Armed Forces, as they all deserve quilted hugs."