The Hub December 2016/January 2017 - Page 14

Shopping within 100 kilometres gives smaller stores the chance to survive another day the manager of the Sunrise Bakery located on Tecumseh Road East in Windsor. “People call in and order cakes and pastries for their parties." Jovanoski has been with Sunrise Bakery since it opened in 2008. It’s grown over the years to several locations around Windsor. Sunrise accepts custom orders for cookies breads and baked goods; during the holidays they add items like fruitcakes and gingerbread cookies to their menus. But come January, the bakery business - and retailers - see a marked slow down. For small businesses the busier months are what help keep stores open during the rest of the year when things are rough. Without local shoppers this would not be possible. “It's not just for holidays,” said Jovanoski. “I think it is important for us as a city to support each other in general throughout the whole year, because we want to boost our economy here in Windsor.” In the end shopping local affects both the smaller stores and the box stores in the area, and keeps the local residents in the stores employed. These employed people then buy local from others, and so on and so forth. “It is like a chain,” said Calsavara. “When you cut one piece off, the rest become affected.” It’s important to remember big box stores and online sources aren’t the only options for shopping. Shopping within 100 kilometres gives smaller stores the chance to survive another day, and possibly surprise people with the unique gifts they hold. They’re also there the other 11 months of the year, ready to provide our community with clothing, hardware, food and gifts. In return for our shopping dollars, they’re emotionally as well as financially invested in our community. Sometimes the littlest boxes hold the best surprises. Casa Chavela Gifts & Clothing From Around the World With A Fair Trade Perspective Tapestries u Masks u Jewellery u Incense Spiritual Accessories such as Singing Bowls u Tingshas Hand-carved Buddhas u Smudging Supplies 405 Pelissier St. Windsor 519-254-6865 Like our new Facebook page and follow us on Instagram Why shop local?