The Hoot Spring 2019 - Page 9


Super Spellers!

One Hundred Days of Discovery

Congratulations to Woobin Joo and Kennedy Ituen, first and second place finishers in our January 16 Spelling Bee.

Woobin and Kennedy joined 13 friends and classmates in grades Two-Six for the Second Annual CDS Spelling Bee.

On February 1. students in K-1 celebrated the 100th day of school with The One Hundredth Day Breakfast, a favorite CDS tradition featuring pancakes and sausage plated in the shape of the number 100. Thanks to The Shack for donating our yummy breakfast!

After eating, each K-1 friend sorted through buckets of

LEGO bricks to design and build

a structure using 100 pieces--counting and building

until they met the challenge!