The Hoot Spring 2019 - Page 16

16 The Hoot

In February, Mr. Hanock's Sixth Graders took on one of the biggest projects of the year--researching, writing, and presenting on a topic of their choice for CDS Talks.

CDS Talks, now in its fourth year, is a TED Talk-styled presentation event and component of the Sixth Grade Language Arts & Social Studies curriculum. Students are challenged to learn about a problem and formulate an original solution, culminating in a five-ten minute

presentation in front of an audience of peers, family members, and experts.

Once again, CDS Talks was held at John Burroughs School. Topics were wide-ranging, from environmental concerns to help for those with learning disabilities, ending the cycle of poverty and examining problems in the American diet.

Videos of all of this year's CDS Talks can be found on our YouTube channel.