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8 The Hoot

8 The Hoot

When Sarah Macky finished her undergraduate degree and started planning her career, she thought she wanted to be a social worker. While researching programs she took on coaching duties for a middle school volleyball team and not only discovered that she loved coaching, but realized that teaching is simply coaching academic content. Like many coaches, Sarah believes in helping students improve through practice, particularly important in her chosen subject of math. She remembers

seeing this in her high school composition teacher, who she says was “the first to demand more and better writing from her than she could produce in a first or second draft.” The teacher made her want to write better, and helped her learn to apply the same process to other facets of her life.

Though she no longer coaches, Sarah stays active by teaching fitness classes at the Chesterfield Y and hikes and bikes the Katy Trail with her family. Her husband Chris is the founding pastor of the RiverTree Community Church, and her children Anna (Sixth Grade, West Middle) and Peter (Third Grade, CDS) share her love for travel. Their favorite family vacation spot is Bermuda, where they enjoy the pink sand, ride scooters all over the island, and have even gone swimming with dolphins!

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The CDS Character Garden is a special campus destination devoted to honoring members of our community, past and present, who personify CDS values.

CDS’s Excellence in Character Awards were established in 2016 to honor people who’ve made a positive impact on our school community and exemplify the character traits that set our students apart, including respect, responsibility, cooperation, and courage. Recipients are awarded a stone engraved with their name to be placed in the garden, serving as a lasting reminder of their contributions to the fabric of our school.

Excellence in Character Awards