The Hoot September 2018 - Page 3


Welcome Back!

After a busy summer spent preparing for the 2018-19 school year, I’ve been rewarded by the sounds of happy children in the hall.

This summer I had the good fortune to attend the four-day ISACS Leadership Academy in partnership with the Kellogg School Center for Nonprofit Management at Northwestern University in Chicago. In total forty Independent School Leaders attended; our instructors were all professors of the Kellogg School and the topics ranged from Culture as a Cornerstone of School Success to Successful Financial Management for Nonprofit Organizations. This experience was not only energizing, but also allowed me to make connections with school leaders from all over the country--from large and small schools, some faith based, some coed, some 150 years old and some just getting started.

The summer, as it should be, was not all work. I also had the opportunity to travel and spend time with my family and hope you were able to enjoy the same.

It is my pleasure welcome you back to a new and exciting year at CDS. For those of you joining us for your first year, we're so happy you're part of our community!