The Hoot September 2018 - Page 11

Fourth Grade Windmills

Breeze testing!

Max B. calls the working windmill he built with Kieran C. an accidental success. The pair's innovative two-part flapped propellers started with a paper cutting error, but after giving it some thought they decided to move forward with the design.

"We learned that sometimes mistakes can turn out to be a good thing," says Max of their project, which they named Flappy.

Kieran agrees. "We learned that it was a very good idea to add the flaps."

After creating the group's first working windmill, they were proud when their classmates went on to create new versions of the flap concept.

"Now Flappy will have cousins!" says Kieran.

Fourth Graders in Ms. Raman's science class were challenged to build a working windmill. Students were paired off and given a set of basic materials, and the results blew everyone away!

in the act of learning


Max and Kieran with Flappy

Another win(dy) success!