The Hoot October 2018 - Page 15

Catch up with our busy K-1 gardeners!

Sophie harvests a radish.

Braden finds the perfect spot for planting.

Charlotte shows off a hard day's work in the garden!

“Our garden provides a chance for the students to get dirty and connect with nature in a real and engaging way. I love to see their joy when they taste something that they have grown!”

-Mrs. Klasing

“The K-1 garden helps our students connect to nature and provides sensory experiences, which complements our mindfulness practice. I love watching the students plant the seeds and their amazement a few weeks later, while harvesting the vegetables and herbs.”

-Mrs. Bhutani

"The K/1 children reaped much more than they sowed as one could see on their faces as they harvested from their garden: pride, joy, awe and curiosity."

-Dr. Fitzler