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What I really enjoyed about being at Ondessonk were the great challenges we faced. We all had to work together to complete the given challenges and we had many chances to get out of our comfort zone. I also loved the rock-climbing, high ropes course, and exploring the caves. -Regan

Camp Ondessonk was an amazing place. There are no worries about homework or pop quizzes. I loved the canoeing experience where we got the chance to roam the lake and zigzag through obstacles. I learned that you need to be really patient with other classmates because if you don’t you could miss an important idea or solution. -Aiden

Camp Ondessonk was one of the best experiences ever. It was a great learning experience because it had many hands-on activities such as gaga ball, the giant swing, and rock climbing.


I really enjoyed rock climbing because I liked climbing the giant rock. I was able to climb all the way to the top! To describe my experience in one word, it would be awesome!

-Oliver L

I got to learn a lot about myself and how far I can go before getting scared. When we were rock climbing we got to explore a waterfall where my friends and I found bats and got extremely dirty. I also loved how we got free time where we got to settle in our cabins.


I liked the waterfall cave because we got to explore the cool cave with lots of bats. I also liked playing gaga ball and camouflage during free time because it was a good way to interact and bond with my friends.

Oliver M

I found it fun to try new things on the high ropes course even though it scared me. I thought it was great that the whole trip required lots of thinking. It was very hard to work together on everything, but we made it! -Liam

I really enjoyed exploring the waterfall cavern because it was something that I never do at home. It was fun seeing the bats and crawling through the cave. I also really enjoyed playing gaga ball, because I got free time to play with my friends.


photos by Lindsay Klasing

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