The Hoot October 2018 - Page 13

Early this month, the Sixth Grade traveled to Ozark, IL to Camp Ondessonk, a residential camp located in the Shawnee National Forest. During the course of their four day field study, students explored caves, took on rock climbing challenges, continued their

work with stream ecology, and learned to work together through team building challenges.

"On the 6th grade trip to Camp Ondessonk, I learned that teamwork can really make the dream work. One of my favorite activities was the all-day hike including the water fall and rock climbing." -Deven

"I really enjoyed the Flying Squirrel, where you are shot up high in the air. I also enjoyed when we explored the waterfall and climbed up on huge rocks in a canyon area."


During the Flying Squirrel, the squirrel ran in one direction and a second later 5 other people ran in the opposite direction. The pully system got the squirrel pulled up into the air. All in all, it was an amazing trip! -Catherine

I enjoyed exploring the cave by the waterfall because I got to see the bats and hide in the small places within it. I also liked playing gaga ball with the ninth graders, even though they were

really good.



My favorite memory of Shaw is....

" with my friends. I liked fishing because I got four fish!" -Cole

"...all of the hikes. We saw a lot of nature such as animals, bugs, and wild flowers." -Rachel

" because I caught my first fish. I got to use a giant fake worm for bait." -Evan

"...making s'mores. I liked it because I like to see how golden brown I can get them. I also enjoyed the bond fire a lot." -Max

" because I caught my first fish and that fish we took back to the lodge and ate it. The fish tasted like chicken even though it was a large mouth bass." -Evelyn

"...taking photos for photojournalism at the field while using the drone." -Calin

" because I caught some fish." -Camden

"...the night hike. I like the night hike because I got to see and hear creatures. I got to see stars and Andy taught us a lot about night vision." -Avery

" because I caught one of the biggest fish. I tried all different types of bait." -Alex

"...playing with the drone, making s'mores, and hanging out with my friends!" -Veronica

", because I caught a lot of fish. I almost caught a snapping turtle!" -Ryan

"...making butter. I really liked shaking a jar and soon it became butter when it started out as milk." -Kieran

", because Cole, Camden, & I caught a lot of fishies! I also liked the breakfast, lunch and dinner. My favorite meal was the lasagna." -Michael