The Hoot December 2017 - Page 14

14 The Hoot

Listen to Fourth Grade Team Harry Botter and the Deathly Owls and their song about the human water cycle!

Fourth Grade Team The Blown Fuses recorded their own song about water filtration. Click to listen!

Over two weekends in November, CDS's Fourth - Sixth Grade Robotics teams competed in First LEGO League qualifying competitions.

All five teams made CDS proud! Fourth Grade team Harry Botter & the Deathly Owls earned a Core Values award & were

asked to present to the crowd during weekend one. The following weekend, Sixth Graders the Out of Sights finished second in their group for game points, and the Fifth Grade Bumble Bots took home a Core Values award of their own.

Congratulations to all of our robotics participants for their hard work and great performance, but most of all for displaying the First LEGO League's most important core value: Gracious Professionalism!

First LEGO League competitions include three events:

*Robot Game/Challenge Course

*Project/Present on a problem-solution

*Core Values/Demonstrate teamwork and cooperation