The Hoosier Historian Issue 1: Scotland - Page 8

è The cr , festival è me de la cr , me of the Scottish . however is the Highland Games , Reminiscent of the olden days in Scotland competitors show off their strength by tossing 20, 40, weights of and 60 , and height respectively plus pounds for distance but the most amazing feat . to many visitors is the caber toss 22 consists of throwing an up to The caber toss , 180 foot pound , log as far and with as much accuracy as possible . all while wearing a kilt Visitors can then end their ( day with a Ceilidh pronounced , Scottish party filled with food , " ") Kay Lee , fun or , fellowship . music and dancing Whether you take the high road or the low , road to get there , games are a fun Scottish festivals and highland , entertaining and educational Edinburgh Castle, Scotland way to get a taste of Scotland here at home in the . Hoosier state Scottish festivals are family friendly , events for all ages . assessable , ethnicities , Scottish festivals and are handicap though not a , replacement for visiting the country itself are an experience well worth the investment of time and . energy , Who knows , man or woman one may meet a true Scots , complete with accent and all . regale one with tales of Scotland herself to For more information concerning directions, dates, and admission fees to the Columbus or Indianapolis Highland Games, see their official websites below. Columbus Scottish Festival and Highland Games Indianapolis Scottish Highland Games and Festival 8