The Hoosier Historian Issue 1: Scotland - Page 4

Scot Or Not? If it calls itself a Scot, is it a Scot or not? By JL Musgrave   Photographs by JLM ’ : McDonald s Restaurants ! Not ’ McDonald s Restaurant is an entirely American creation formed by Ray ’ . Kroc and inspired by the McDonald brother s restaurant in California The only ties to Scotland it bears is the coincidence of a similar name to . that of the MacDonald clan : Scotch Tape ! Not . Scotch tape was created in St branded was “ “ ” Scotch .” stingy , Paul . MN by Richard Drew The tape was tape as a pejorative insult indicating that the tape Its only connection to Scotland being the implication that . Scots were stingy : Scotch Whiskey ! Scot . Scotch is a malt or grain whiskey made in Scotland 4 Stone cross at Edinburgh Castle, Scotland