The Hoosier Historian Issue 1: Scotland - Page 22

THE HIGHLAND CLEARANCES By JL Musgrave Photographs by JLM Over one and a half million Scots have immigrated to the United States from the establishing of its colonies . to the present day Nearly half a million of these -1800’ immigrated during the mid s to the early 1900’ , s some of which found their way to the Midwest and the . state of Indiana One major contributing factor to this influx of Scots was a removal movement in Scotland . known as The Highland Clearances The Highland Clearances were an over hundred year series of forced displacements of Scottish peoples from their tenant . lands Landowners evicted their Scottish tenants in order to make room for the expansion of sheep and . cattle farming to increase profits The tenants were , forced from their homes with little to no notice . sometimes violently Reports of physical abuse and . destruction of property were common These turbulent evictions were backed by the laws of the time leaving the Scottish tenants with little recourse but to relocate , to the cities or , in many cases . leave the country entirely Some Scots looked to America as the land of ’ opportunity to better themselves and their children s . futures , Today one can find the descendants of these brave Scottish souls throughout the highlands and . lowlands of Indiana 22