The Hoosier Historian Issue 1: Scotland - Page 20

, Since the times of the Romans ,” government is weakest the border . ’ border frontier was no exception lands of the Cheviot Hills and Hadrian s Wall have , been known as a barren and dangerous landscape . much divided amongst its peoples , , cultivation but sheep herding . and reiving , , . of hardship and brutality and archeologist did so fear to tread . It was under the reign of James VI of Scotland minimal The Debatable Lands they were sometimes called , preacher , Many a wayfarer there The land itself , allowed few resources - and the Anglo Scottish and James I of England that the majority of border as . reiving came to an end produced a short life James I joined the countries of Scotland and England into what he referred to as Intermarriage between the English and Scottish border was common and Great Britain and the border country became the inhabitants shared many commonalities including middle shires of the United Kingdoms . their way of speech , was punished severely Not much survived these . ; banishment turbulent times in the form of written works , however the brutal and heroic aspects of the times . . , , , ; hospitality while on the same hand , banditry is worst where [ ] Scotland : with my pen here I sit and govern it ,” I write and it is done This would cause him much weakness of authority in the border regions toward the end of his reign bringing were resistant . ,“ and ,“ and to authority and protected their own interests Throughout history , opened trade seat of government would be England and he is quoted to have said Though loyalty , ’ the border peoples had their own unwritten codes of conduct regarding kinship James repealed all of the hostile laws between the two countries James not known for high levels of education or religious fervor often on pain of death or . Architecturally homes were often fortified to withstand the all too frequent attacks Any reiving united their respective flags in to the Union Jack live on in song and verse known as the border ballad . about another serge of reiving that would last into the 1700’ , sIn the end border reiving would dissolve . for a lack of places to hide 20 Hadrian's Wall on the Angloi­Scottish Border