The Hoosier Historian Issue 1: Scotland - Page 11

The height of my Highland games involvement occurred in 1996 I was greeted with open arms by other when I was awarded first place in the amateur division . at a game in Kansas , experience was great , but I had a car returned home . accident that made competition . impossible for a few years , could compete again , PhD , married something By the time I , and moved to a region of the country where there were not . nearby Highland games , three moves It took 19 , years and a renewed interest in Scottish culture for me to compete in the . 51 The whole I felt like I had but the next day learned My body does not recover as 19 quickly as it did I had completed my had a child . me advice on how to do better ! I was going to continue to compete competitors who cheered for me and gave . years ago , Apparently year old man does not have the recuperative powers of a 32 . year old I spent weeks recovering from my muscle . strain and bruises This helped me to , decide that I would not compete again but I would encourage any younger man or . games again a woman to compete in the games It will be an experience that you will always In 2015 I entered and competed in the . remember and cherish I will still attend the , Columbus Scottish Highland games after a nearby Scottish festivals to enjoy the music 19 Scottish culture . year absence . same as before My experience was the , and to cheer on the brave . athletes competing in the games 11