The Hoosier Historian Issue 1: Scotland - Page 10

The nearest Highland games to me at , 1992, , that time Kansas City was one being held in . Missouri I nervously drove to the games not knowing how to enter or . how I would be greeted I thought I needed to be Scottish to compete and I was only an 1/8 . Scottish , English , , . and Czech . , The rest is German In other words Polish I am an , American Much to my delighted surprise . was welcomed with open arms I The . veterans were very open and helpful They gave me suggestions on techniques that . would help me in the events They . encouraged me and cheered me on I immediately felt at home and was hooked . on the games , From that moment on to any I would travel nearby Highland games that I could . make it to ; similar My experience at each was very I was welcomed and encouraged . by the veteran athletes I made many friends and had some very interesting experiences which gave me an arsenal of . stories I still tell today , is a funny One of these stories but tragic tale involving some ' . inexperienced Highland games organizers , The organizers of this fairly new Scottish ! Unfortunately the potty was occupied The festival did not realize how far some of the . athletes could toss the hammer impact of the hammer caused the potty to tip over They set and the material within the potty sloshed around - - . up the port a potties at the end of the . hammer throw field , inside An older lady was the occupant of the potty . During the games one of the athletes made a mighty hammer and she had to be rushed to the hospital ; . worry throw that flew farther than what the shock organizers imagined and it slammed into - - ! the top of one of t