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Iron Sharping Iron School for Boy ‘s Page 3 Page 3 ­ Volume 52 Num. 36 September 21 - September 27, 2017 .50 Cents The Gathering Presents Alabama Black Judge to Speak on $1.2 Trillion Black Buying Power On September 30th at 4:00pm The Gathering Awareness and Book Center is presenting Alabama udge Jo Celeste Pettway, who will serve as the guest speaker on the subject of Black Buying Power having reached $1.2 Trillion and the need or a larger percentage of those dollars to return o the Black Community. The event is being billed as an informational banquet to be held at the Englewood All In One Restaurant at 1100 West Scott Street with the theme of “Working Together for the Next Generation” with tickets for the event available for $25. Pettway is described as the first woman of Af- ican-American descent appointed or elected to he Alabama State Bench and served the people of Alabama for 32 years. The Gathering is continuing its role as a strategic advocate for informing the local Black Commu- nity on issues related to economic empowerment. Georgia and Johnny Blackmon, the owners of the Gathering, continue to create ongoing attention to issues relative to improving the lives of African-Americans in Pensacola, Escambia County, and Northwest Florida. In preparation for this article, the Gulf Coast Voice did some additional research on this issue and found that the median income for an Afri- can American household was $39,490 last year, according to U.S. Census Bureau data released recently. It was $41,363 in 2000. (Both figures are in 2016 dollars, so they have been adjusted for inflation). Black Americans stand alone as the one racial group that the Census Bureau identifies that has been left behind as it documents household in- come. The other racial groups of White, Asian and Latino households experienced some small increases in their income since 2000. The in- creases in incomes for those Americans who did experience more, helped lift the overall median U.S. household income to $59,039 last year. This is the highest level ever recorded by the Census Bureau. (Median household income means half of U.S. households earn more and half earn less.) Many scholars and economists attempt to ex- plain the lower incomes being depicted by Black families. Williams Rodgers, a chief economist at the Heldrich Center for Workforce Development at Rutgers University, is one of the researchers that co-wrote a report for the Economic Policy Institutes’s depiction of black-white wage gaps having increased to larger levels in 2017 than Chariots of Pensacola Hosts 9th Annual Bike Ride Saturday morning, motorcycle clubs throughout he area came to participate in the ninth annual ickle Cell Bike Ride-a-thon. Sponsored by the Chariots, more than 100 bikers came geared up o take the annual ride for the sake of Sickle Cell. Some bikers came just to give support while thers came to make a sizeable donation and just njoy the comradery. “The Chariots are committed to sponsoring this vent every year for the community. They do his to not only raise money for sickle cell but to aise awareness about the disease,” said Walter Wallace, President of the Sickle Cell Organization. The route began at 507 North Davis Hwy (Cycle Gear) and traveled North on Fl 291Nonto Brent Lane, turning right onto he 1-10 N ramp nding up at Eagle’s Talon Motorcycle Acces- they were in 1979. The study noted that even when African Americans attend college and actively work to expand their skills and networks, they still earn far less than whites with a similar educational background. In fact, the wage gap has expanded the most between college-educated blacks and whites. The conclusion by Rodgers is that wage gaps are growing primarily because of discrimination. Georgia Blackmon in an interview with the Gulf Coast Voice stated, “One of the opportunities we have with $1.2 Trillion in African-American income is to spend more of that financial resource with our own business community. I have five grand-children and two great-grand children and I feel we have a responsibility to leave a legacy of spending more of our income with each other”. Tickets for this event can be purchased at the Gathering Awareness and Book Center on North DeVilliers Street or Me & Moms on North 12th Avenue. W W W . G U L F C O A S T V O I C E . C O M sories and back to Cycle Gear where everyone enjoyed refreshments provided by the Chariots of Pensacola. Groups and/or motorcycle clubs represented at Saturday’s 9th Annual Riding Out Sickle Cell Charity Event were:  LifeRiders(Saraland, Al); Euro Knightz(Ft Walton Bch, Fl); Black Skulls(Jacksonville, Fl); and the following all of Pensacola, Fl:    Kreeperz, American Legion Riders, Twisted, Zero to 100, Wicked Rydaz, Maranatha Riders(CMA), and Christ Descendants Stray Dogs(MFV), and of course, the Chariots of Pensacola Christian M/C Club.  Comradery and support between these and other clubs keeps the biker image positive in the Pensacola area. Wallace stated that the Sickle Cell Organization is the only Sickle Cell organization authorized to raise funds . “We have in the past, had people trying to raise funds in our name but it wasn’t official,” he said. He cautions everyone to ask to see badges or authorization before giving any type of donation to anyone. The City of Pensacola and The Lee Statue Debate Continues of the General Robert E. Lee monument that’s stands in Lee Square, downtown Pensacola. The statue was erected and dedicated in 1891. The monument specifically honors three Confed- erate figures as well as the “uncrowned heroes” of the Confederacy during that time in American History. Before 1889, Lee Square was named Florida Square and those that are in favor of having the Lee Monument removed supported the name being returned to Florida Square. A Strong representation of both sides of the չ݅́ѕѡѥ)ѡ՝ͽѡѕ́) չ5ȁḾЁ !5ѥ)ɥѕ͡Ёݡٽѡ)ͽЁ́ݕɔɐ) d (٥)єѥ́ѕɕձѥ)Q͑MѕȀЁѡ չ͍́ѕɽѡѥѡ)ѥѼ͍́́́ѽ́ɽ՝Ё5ٽ́ȁѡɕمѡ)ѡչ丁QЁɽٕͥѽյЁѡ́͡ɕѡȁ́)͍͕ɥѡ́ѥ݅́ѡɕمݡѡq1յӊt͡ձɕ(%9M%)ѽɥ)Սѥ))) չ) ͥ)9ѥ))))Mѡȁ͵)ȁхӊéɄȁѼܹձд)ٽݥѠȁ)չаѼЁȁ́ȁ͕ɔ)ɕ́ѽɥ́ЁAͅ )ɔѼ1́܁́)QݥѕȄձ Y)5́ѡ չ䁥ՑЁ )!5ѥ)ݡɔЁ̸Mչ́хѕ)ѡЁѡ䁅ɔЁѡͱٕ䁅Ʌʹѡ)х́ѡյи!ݕٕȰѡ)ͼЁѡЁӊéѽɥAͅ)Iѡȁѡ䁑ͥѡչ)͍ձѡȁѥѼݡЁѡ)ՅєѡхՔݽձ