the guide Summer 2017 - Page 19

DOO N VAL L E Y NOTE: Due to the necessary preparations for the refurbishment works we regret there could be some disruption, at short notice, to our opening times and to access to certain areas. The Keep remains closed to the public because of stonework issues. Also, please don’t forget that whilst the Country Park’s Visitor Centre and Rural Life Centre are being worked on, there are no toilet facilities in the park or castle, and the café is closed. (Due to re-open late summer 2017) From 1 April 2017 the Doon Valley Museum is no longer operated by East Ayrshire Leisure. Following a Community Asset Transfer by East Ayrshire Council, it is envisaged that the building will be re-opened by Dalmellington Community Action Group, who propose to operate a community-led Heritage and Visitor Centre. The museum collections and archives held here still remain in the care of East Ayrshire Leisure and have been transferred to our nearest accredited museum at the Baird Institute in Cumnock. These objects will, in time, be redisplayed where possible, put online at, or be saf Vǒ7F&VB&WVW7G2f"66W72FFW6R6V7F2VV&W26VFrFR&WGW&bV@FV2"FW"7V6f26V7F2VV&W06VB&RF&V7FVBF67WF6ƖffR6V7F6&RCSc2SSC3CR"Và67WF6ƖffTV7B'6&RvbVgW'FW"f&F6&RfVBCV7F'6&VV7W&R6VFW"FRW6WV0F"6VRFfWW6WVҒf"gW'FW"FWF2&WBFR6VG76WBG&6fW"6F7BVvVvf'&B6VFW2C#"SS#c VâVvVvV7B'6&RvbVgWGW&VW6WV6V