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However, poised for the challenge, Krueger-Braneky doesn't appear ready to relinquish her cause: "I am energized by the fight. This is what I am supposed to be doing." As the threats from political foes have grown louder, she has devised a strategy for tilting the landscape more favorably in her direction. Krueger-Braneky intends to infuse Harrisburg with new legislators who don't create false distinctions between social, economic, and environmental issues, "Basic public education is a business and social justice issue." And she has recruited a promising slate of female candidates in Delaware County - Diane Cornman Levy, Elaine Paul Schaefer, and Barberann Keffer - to run for the Pennsylvania House. "Delaware County is where Democrats have the greatest opportunity to pick up seats."

Her success will depend on a strong grassroots base. "The system appears rigged against sustainability. You have Democrats and Republicans taking money from the oil and gas lobby." With the current state of campaign finance in Pennsylvania - it can require as much as $500,000 to compete for a legislative seat and there are no campaign contribution limits - it is easy to see why those with the deepest pockets appear to be pulling the levers of government.

All of this raises an important question: Is it time for the grassroots community to invest more earnestly in candidates that align with a vision for sustainability? Many are beginning to adopt this view. "I was never one to donate to political campaigns, but I now believe it is necessary to ensure the election of politicians whom share my values," said Colleen Bracken, owner of Bracken Leadership.

The Entrepreneurs' Roundtable reconvenes on Wednesday, September 21st with Councilwoman Helen Gym, for a discussion on

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