The Good Economist August 2016 - Page 4

The environmental community converged upon the Innovation Lab inside the Municipal Services Building on August 9th for a sneak peek at Greenworks 2.0, the forthcoming update to the city’s sustainability plan. Building upon the success of their neighborhood discussion held in the early spring, the Office of Sustainability hosted this open house to gather additional input as the skeleton of the report nears completion.

The Innovation Lab proved an appropriate setting as the newest iteration will feature notable changes. Greenworks 2.0, scheduled for released in October, will sport a more streamlined format, structured by eight vision statement. The vision statements focus on a wide range of themes: clean energy; waste reduction; safe and affordable transportation; and education, employment, and business opportunity. And while the first Greenworks focused primarily on government-oriented action, this latest version will have an expanded scope, becoming community focused. “Government will not address this issue alone,” said Christine Knapp, Director of the Office of Sustainability.

This theme of shared responsibility and collaboration resonated with the shoulder-to-shoulder crowd as many found themselves nodding repeatedly to Knapp’s message. Her presentation should best be described as a call to action than a showcase of work. She stressed the importance of strong partnerships as Greenworks 2.0 will urge a diversity of stakeholders - government, institutions, and citizens - to engage in the advancement of the city’s sustainability goals.

Stopping this wheel from spinning, however, will require tackling a multitude of issues, ranging from improving access to financing to easing the procurement process.


The Office of Sustainability Gives Preview of Greenworks 2.0