The Ghouls' Review Spring 2015 - Page 21

Melt and Crackle Tony Lovell Slick, shimmering, puffy clouds melted down into a white molten bed- my love, you needn’t alter yourself to receive my love. My decadent darling--dance! Light as a feather. Listen. Do you hear that crackle, that sensational pop as I sink into your pillowy arms? My love, it’s the sound of my heart cracking, for my love only needs your sap to fill it, cementing us together. Watch as we shine beneath that luminous orb, our public passion prompting passersby to pucker. Crackle! Our love is rather nutritious. Pop! Wait. Were we too ambitious? Listen. A cacophony of salivation. Why can’t we move? What have we done to each other? We’ve molded together. There’s nowhere to take cover. Is that a blade I-Exhale with one stab, then another. Such a terrible way to die, watching someone eat your lover. So is the life of a Rice Krispie treat. Delectable. Spring 2015 21