The Ghouls' Review Spring 2015 - Page 17

of any contaminants. It is suggested that hairs from a dog Canis Familiaris may have dropped from an experimenter into the potion changing the resulting morphological field from human to one of a lycanthrope. In conclusion, following a modified Wolf method a sample of Aqua Vitae was generated. This potion showed blue white luminescence and when consumed changed the apparent age of a subject to the mid-twenties followed by expression of lycanthropy. This unexpected side-effect is traced to the presence of dog hair contamination of the formula. The authors propose that re-conducting the formulation with greater diligence for avoiding contamination will generate a potion that will not lead to these effects. It is intended to conduct these experiments as soon as ethical approval has been granted. Financial Disclosure The authors would like to thank the Riddle Foundation for their generous support of this research. References [1] Vampires: their origin, habits and epidemiology, A Van Helsing, Utrecht University Press, 1886. [14] On the reanimation of dead tissue, V. Frankenstein, Mad Science, 3, 15, 435-441, 1753. [2] Things I run away from Vol III: Demonic terrors, S. O. Rincewind, Unseen UniversityPress, 1904. [15] Fifth Census of Rare Documents: Alchemical Sciences, Ed. L. Ape, 1956. [3] Resting In Pieces, R. Shoe, Stronginthearm Press, 1924. [16] The Collections of Castle Dracula, R. M. Renfield, Istanbul Press, 1976. [4] An investigation of unnatural methods of Survival, W. Door, Undead, 12, 1986-1991, 2010. [5] The life and works of the ancient masters of magic, A. Dumbledore, Diagon academic press, 1975. [6] A compendium of ancient potions and elixirs, S. Snape, Diagon Academic Press, 1989. [7] Deaths Attributed to Aqua Vitae users, T. A. Hoggins, F. I. Inkwell, Unnatural Medicine, 56, 2, 123-135, 1956. [8] Aqua Vitae, the Modern Holy Grail, Magic Today, 34, 15, 1234-1245, 1945. [9] Accounts of the Second Mage War, P. Daniels, Oxbridge University Press, 1987. [10] Ximon: The Prodigal Magician, M Ridcuddy, Stronginthearm Press, 1954. [11] A study of the distribution of Ancient texts from the great Library of Babylon, D. Copperfield, D. Blaine, Bibliography, 24, 345-367, 1997. [17] Down in the Bunker: The True Story, D. Hassbeck, Secret History Press, 1956. [18] International Committee on the status of ancient Potions and Elixirs, Report Ed. F. Doodley, 1974. [19] On the excavation of the tomb of Imhotep, E. I. Martinez, R. F. Kelly, J. M. Wilson, Egyptology, 45, 1234-1246, 2012. [20] The letters of Imhotep. J. M. Wilson, Chicago University Press, 2013 [21] The Dragons of the World: A comparative guide, C. Weasley, Diagon Academic Press, 2001. [22] Wolf-Like Creature kills sheep in the dead of night, Lake Woebegone Enquirer, June 15th 2014. [23] Lycanthropology: A definitive guide, L. Talbot, Oxbridge University Press, 1939. [24] An alteration of the morphological field for anti-aging effects, P. Stibbons, UnNature, 134, 15, 234-245, 1985. [12] Cheating Death, A Malich, Stronginthearm Press, 1948. [13] The Live and Works of Merlin. A. Dumbledore, Diagon Academic Press, 1976. Spring 2015 17