The Ghouls' Review Spring 2015 - Page 16

The subject showed no immediate external effects after administration of a dose of the potion. Vitometer results shows gradual increase in the subject’s life force within 1/2 hour after administration extending to approximately 300% of the original value over 12 hours before levelling off (See figure two). Figure 2: Vitometer Results over time. After 24 hours the subject showed a marked improvement in both physical health and mental well being including the loss of a number of age related ailments and an increase in cognitive ability. In an additional 36 hours the subject showed visible reduction in apparent age with the restoration of pigment to hair follicles, and smoothing of the skin. After 5 days the subject showed in outwards appearance an apparent age in the mid twenties. After two weeks of no apparent ill effects the subject began to report bad dreams and a number of unusual physical marks. Coupled with media reports [22] the conclusion was reached that the subject may have a case of lycanthropy. Observation of the subject at night showed he exhibited the classic symptoms [23] and in accordance with regulations he was humanely euthanized via the administration of silver at high velocity. Discussion and conclusions The luminescence reported in the completed potion is similar to the light of life reported in earlier literature. No light had been reported from potions made using the Wolf method which would lead us to conclude that it was the change in the dragon claw scale which imbibes the potion with the necessary vital force. While the literature does not report any instances of lycanthropy from the use of Aqua Vitae there is a potential mechanism for it to occur. A number of historical investigations have indicated that it operates through a realignment of the morphological field forcing the body to shift its physical form to a younger form [24]. The new apparent age requires the presence of a suitable template hence the addition of the human hairs but it also hints of the potential effect 16 The Ghouls’ Review