The Ghouls' Review Spring 2015 - Page 15

Synthesis Into a standard cast iron cauldron was placed pure spring water (15 measures, local supply), grave soil (2 measures), calf’s blood (6 measures) and manticore venom (1/2 measure). The cauldron was then brought to a boil under a low heat (Wood charcoal fire) and allowed to simmer for approximately one hour. After reduction of mixture by one third powdered unicorn horn (1/3 measure) and condensed moonlight (1/4 measure) was added and the mixture allowed to simmer for an additional 20 minutes. Three Oriental dragon Draco Orientalis claw scales (Hong’s oriental Suppliers San Francisco, CA) were added followed by eight full hairs from a young man were then added and the cauldron sealed and covered in hot coals and left overnight. The resulting liquid was decanted off and stored for further use. The luminescent properties of the potion were examined using a Varian J300 Spectrophotometer using only emission scan without exciting with an external light source. To allow for quick testing of the rejuvenatory properties of the potion it was elected that one of the investigators would self test. G.B.L. was selected due to a pre-existing health condition and signed a waiver demonstrating both his consent and lack of coercion from other investigators. A 50 mL aliquot of the potion was administered orally and the subject’s vital signs subsequently monitored using both conventional medical techniques and a vitometer (Butterbridge industries). Results The liquid produced from the above synthesis was observed to generate a blue green which may be noted to not be generated from either external illumination or internal phosphorescent states. Spectroscopic examination shows a broad emission with a peak max of 520 nm with a luminosity