The Ghouls' Review Spring 2015 - Page 13

Practical Alchemy Joseph Govan A Re-examination of the Wolf Synthesis for Aqua Vitae from historical reanalysis Graham B. Littlefoot+*; Mycroft D. Hubble+; Simon F. Wolfgrazer+; +Department of Alchemy, School of Unnatural Sciences, National Institute of Occult Studies, Lake Wobegon, MI, USA. *Dedicated to the memory of G. B. L. Abstract A retranslation of the writing of the ancient Mage Bruchephalus identified a variant in the standard formulation used for the immortality potion known as Aqua Vitae. Synthesis of Aqua Vitae using this modified technique generated a luminescent fluid in line with historical reports. Self-experimentation by one author lead to improvements in health as well as a reduction in general ageing at first followed by a severe case of lycanthropy. It is indicated that Aqua Vitae imbalances the morphological field of the patient leading to potential form variation depending on environment. Introduction The extension of the human lifespan beyond what may be considered “Natural” has been a steadfast area of investigation throughout the magical arts. Numerous supernatural mechanisms have been exploited by humans throughout history for the extension of life. These include, but are not limited to, vampirism [1], demonic possession [2], and reanimation [3]. Needless to say; the side effects of these methods are highly detrimental and have only reportedly been chosen by individuals in the greatest possible distress [4]. As a result of the numerous side-effects attributed to these mechanisms there has been a concerted research effort to develop a novel method for extending life. By far the most famous method was t