The Geographer Spring 2009 - Page 4

The Geographer NEWS People • Places • Planet New RSGS HQ Geddes Film Patrick Geddes’s legacy is as potent today as it has ever been. A documentary film, exploring his contemporary relevance and message is now in production. Geddes’s ability to ’make connections‘ was and is one of his greatest strengths. He believed that our closer involvement with art and nature, in particular, greater understanding of our inner selves, our cultural “roots” and the way that we, as human beings, relate to each other and our surroundings, is essential for individuals and communities to thrive and to realise their potential in every sense. This was evident in his work as the ‘father of planning’, both in Scotland and as far afield as Palestine and India. The RSGS has contributed £500 and Edinburghbased film maker, Eric Robinson will start filming in April. If you’d like to know more about this film, and how you can support it, please contact the producer, Alastair Guild. NEWS People • Places • Planet New Projects Manager Bird of prey and related poisoning in Scotland, 1999-2008 We are pleased to welcome a new member of staff, Susan Watt, who joined the Society in January as Projects Manager. Susan will help particularly with fundraising for the Fair Maid’s House and other important educational projects, though she will also support the broad work of the small team. The refurbishment of the Lord John Murray House, to provide the Society with a permanent headquarters, has taken rather longer than expected, and the staff have learned more than they thought they would about joinery, central heating, carpet laying and decorating! The good news is that the result is excellent and the work will be within budget. Along with the staff, our Chairman, Barrie Brown, enjoyed meeting those Members who took the time to visit our new HQ on the open days, and was delighted to have the reassurance that all of the visitors liked what had been done with the building. Fundraising continues to be crucial to letting us complete the whole project, and a special mention must go to the lady Member from Stirling who brought with her a cheque and then duly completed the first Gift Aid Form of 2009, allowing us to receive an additional 28% from HM Revenue & Customs. Other members have also generously donated towards some of the important finishing touches. In particular, there are four key pieces of furniture which will adorn the main meeting room of the new headquarters, and we are grateful to those who recently offered to pay for the sideboard and the bespoke graphic image for the wall. If anyone would like to contribute to any of the other items, please contact Susan Watt at HQ. In preparing their report , SNH followed a set of guiding principles laid out in their Report on the proposal for a National Park in the Cairngorms (2001), including: • the boundary should follow  an easily distinguishable and permanent natural feature; •  owns and villages and their t surrounding communities should be either wholly included or excluded from the Park; •  onsideration should be given to c the impact of the boundary on land management operations; • eatures liable to change should f be avoided; •  ivers and burns are unsuitable r as legal boundaries because they can change their courses ¸